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Tables, Character Styles, and Files

I've written a nifty report generator using formatting-table, etc. and boy
does the output look nice on screen - columns all lined up, nifty fonts (er,
character styles), wow.  My top-level function takes a stream argument, so I
figured, great, I'll just use with-open-file to save my nice report on disk.
This done, and the file written, I quickly visited same, anticipating ... yes,
columns all still lined up, but hey, what happened to the #$%@ styles?!  In
short, the file was in cptfont (oops, '(:fix :roman :normal)).

The calling sequence here is:

	formatting-table ...		; to some passed-in stream
	  formatting-row ...		; to same stream
	    with-character-style ...	; nifty, non-cptfont char style
	      formatting-cell ...	; to stream
		format | write-string | princ ...	; to stream

Does anyone know whether or not there a way to use these functions to produce 
file output that preserves the styles?  Is there some specific type of stream I
need to use, should I be using the file attribute list, ... ?

On a completely unrelated note, does anyone know how to really kill a timer?
I have been using process:clear-timer, but this doesn't remove the timer from
the process list, it just marks the timer as expired.  I need something like
scl:process-kill, which also doesn't work because timers aren't real

Any and all suggestions appreciated.

					-Jim Sanborn
					 Intel Knowledge Applications Lab

PS: obligatory humorous factoid

At the London Science Museum, they finally completed Babbage's Analyical Engine.
Imagine everyone's shock when, as the crank was turned for the first time, the
little paper tape printer used for recording results punched out:

	MS-DOS Version 5.0