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Cannibalizing 36xx's

    Date: Thu, 3 Oct 1991 14:53 EDT
    From: miller@cam.nist.gov (Bruce R. Miller)

      2) I need to connect to the outside world -- in particular back to
    NIST.  The 3600 has one of the newer 9track drives and built-in modem.
    If I cannibalize these from the 3600, is there anyway that they can be
    attached to the 3640?  They dont have to be internal (the '40 already
    has the 2 drive slots filled), they can sit on top of the cabinet for
    all I care.  

The general problem with turning internal peripherals into external
peripherals is that the internal devices lack a power supply, since they
are powered off the system power supply.  If you already have something
in the tape drive slot of the 3640, then I think it's using the power
supply connection you'd need for the tape drive.

Other than that, there's no problem connecting the tape drive to the

I don't know about the modem, though.  I've never had a 3600 with an
internal modem, so I don't know how it connects.  You might need to
manufacture a cable to convert whatever internal connection is used to