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Organizational Changes

As part of Symbolics' continuing efforts to provide 
quality products and support, we have made two significant
organizational changes:

[CE], with total responsibility for managing the entire 
process of problem reporting, resolution, and fixing.  To
this end, Doug Dodds and Len Foner will be joining Allan Wechsler
and Mark Nahabedian in the current software support group to form
a critical mass of engineers with over 30 years of combined
development experience.  Doug Dodds will be managing the continuing
engineering group, which will also incorporate the existing
phone and e-mail support functions and staff.

into one department, Software Operations, under one manager, 
Sheryl Avruch.  The new CE group will report to Sheryl, as will
Quality Assurance, Educational Services, Documentation, and
Release Engineering.  By putting responsibilities for these
related functions within one organization, we believe we will be
able to greatly increase our responsiveness to customer problems.

As part of these changes, we're sad to note that Kim Cook, who has
been instrumental in building our current support organization
in Burlington, has left Symbolics to pursue other interests.