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Telecomming 3650 to a BBS

I currently do not use the Symbolics for telecommunications
work, mostly because the terminal program I use on the
Amiga is great (named VLT, written at SLAC). But I recognize
advantage of communicating with the SLUG list via the same
machine as I'm working and learning on.
  Is it possible to use the ZMail interface and the 3650 to
communicate with the service I use here in Vancouver for
accessing Usenet/Internet? The service (called MindLink) is
a 20 line BBS running proprietary UNIX software. How I access
it with my Amiga is:  Amiga -> serial port -> 2400 baud modem
->phone line -> Mindlink
The ascii events required are basically just "hit CR", "my name"
"my password", "read mail". I usually just capture all the SLUG
mail in a buffer and sift it afterwards.
  So what I need to know is if ZMail (or ?) is capable of general
real-time interaction with an interface of arbitrary requirements,
over a serial port and 2400 baud modem. Any insight is greatly
BTW, is there anyone out there who is familiar with both the Amiga
and the Symbolics and would be willing to field general questions
and discuss (dis)similarities between the operating systems,
environments and programming of the two? I hear from Mike that
there's some software for the Symbolics that takes sound samples
done on the Amiga and lays it out in S-Dynamics to synchronize
it to animations... I have been planning to do a link between
Lisp on the Symbolics and AREXX (a REXX implementation) on the
Amiga to take advantage of some of the image processing and
rendering software on the Amiga. I think they would make a great
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