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Genlock probs and more...


Hi Doug,
Following up on your suggestions/information:
- blackburst from sync generator connected to J2.
  (via "sync in" on 3650 bulkhead)
- mini-jumper SYNC SEL in "A" position.
- R,G and B from 3650 connect to R,G,B in on color
  encoder, then pass through to R,G,B in on monitor.
- sync from sync generator connected to both the
  color encoder sync in, and the RGB monitor
  sync in.
- video out from color encoder connected to video
- :put-sync-on-video set to nil.

At this point, both the video and the RGB are wonky
un-sync'ed. To get the RGB monitor back, I disconnect
the sync, and set :put-sync-on-video to t. Then the
RGB monitor image is back to normal.

It seems the genlock needs adjustment. Is the
adjustment required something that can be done
with the C47 thing, or might it be other things?
I should purchase the board extender, since I plan
to stick with this beast for a while. (Although
I have discovered *another* problem :(

The other problem is: (Do you believe it! This
thing's turning out just like my old MGB was ;)

Last night was the first time I've left the 3650
run overnight (which I plan to do forever on...).
Last evening, no problems were evident with the
color system, as I was doodling with S-Paint for
an hour or so, as well as setting up a IP/TCP
connection with the Amiga (it works, mostly!)
When I came in this morning, and picked up where
I left off, I discovered a grid-like array of
vertical lines on the canvas(as it happens, they
occur every 33rd pixel). I did an erase, and as
I moved the cursor around, the lines sporadically
re-appeared. Upon closer inspection, I noticed that
as the brush (an airbrush) painted across the canvas
there were stray pixels of a different color being
left behind in the path of the brush, mixed in with
the color that should have been there. Most of the
aberrition takes place in the path of the brush, but
it also causes the verical lines (continuous hori-
zontal position from top to bottom of the screen, BTW)
to appear elsewhere on the screen.
  I did some minor attempts at diagnosing:
I reseated (just pressed them in a bit) all the
socketed chips on the CMs and the color controller,
and tried rotating the CM boards into each other's
slots to see if it made any difference on the canvas.
It did. The color of the lines that appear changed.
I hit a combination that for now leaves only very
faint colored lines, but hey, I'm sad. Next I'm going
to hear that my 3650 piggy bank wants some more thousand
dollar bills :(
  I'm not totally downtrodden though, (don't send the
hearse yet :) since I still have much to learn in the
non-Paint S-stuff. All I would really like to hear is
that you know exactly what causes the problem, that
it's a chip that needs replacing, that the chip costs
< $50, and it'll be here on monday :)
  Actually, most news is good news in a way, so I'm
  And thank you for listening :)

P.S. I hope this house of crumbling 3650 isn't depressing
     (or uplifting) anyone too much :)
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