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Namespace Listing

    Date: Wed, 06 Nov 91 09:42:00 PST
    From: jbarnett@charming.nrtc.northrop.com

    I`m looking for a command or function that generates a  listing of the all
    the objects defined in the namespace.  I would like to see the information
    that SHOW OBJECT produces for each object and I would hope that the output
    is organized so that we can use it to help plan a major namespace edit


Why not use the namespace files in the SYS:SITE; directory?  Look for
the file(s) named SYS:SITE;foo-objects.text, where foo is the name of
your site.  There may be just one foo-objects file or there may be one
for each type of object, such as foo-hosts, foo-users, etc... depending
upon how your namespace is set up.  

I recommend that you save a copy of the file elsewhere and work from the
copy so that you don't inadvertently alter the real one, which could
cause problems with the namespace.