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[not about] X Remote Screen for Explorers?

    Date: Wed, 6 Nov 91 09:36:38 -0100
    From: eyvind%hrp.no@warbucks.ai.sri.com (Eyvind Ness)

      | Date: Tue, 5 November 91, 16:09 EST
      | From: Clint Hyde
      | [ ...]
      | I'd like to see both of these things. (actually, I thought CLIM was
      | proprietary work by ILA, some former 'bolics folks who hated Exploders
      | and were NEVER going to port CLIM to them--how'd you manage it?)
      | [ ...]

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Just couldn't let this one slip by...  Although you are correct in
noting that most of the ILA CLIM designers are ex-Symbolics hackers,
we certainly did not exclude any of the available Lisp platforms or
vendors from our CLIM coalition-building efforts.  In fact, we had
discussions with TI representatives in 1989 (maybe earlier; my memory
grows fuzzier by the day) that just never amounted to anything.

The only thing standing between us and an Explorer port of CLIM has
been finding somebody who wanted it badly enough to support the
porting effort.  Fortunately, we have found those somebodies in Jim
Rice and his associates at Stanford.  Of course, we would still
welcome discussions with TI about a true vendor-supported
implementation and distribution arrangement for CLIM on the Explorer,
just as we have with Lucid, Franz, Symbolics and Harlequin.