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Re: CLOE and KEE

    Date: Wed, 27 Nov 1991 18:43 EST
    From: TAIT@INTELLICORP.COM (Mark Tait)

	    Date: Wed, 20 Nov 91 08:58:58 -0500
	    From: hall@aplcen.apl.jhu.edu (Marty Hall)
	    Message-Id: <9111201358.AA01180@aplcen.apl.jhu.edu>
	    To: eyvind%hrp.no@Warbucks.AI.SRI.COM (Eyvind Ness)
	    Subject: Re: CLOE and KEE
	    cc: slug@ai.sri.com
    Hi guys,

	I used to work at Symbolics but now I am the project leader of KEE
    at IntelliCorp and can tell you some things that might help solve your
    problems.  First off, let me say I am not a sales person (although I
    have passed along this message to the sales folks), instead what I
    want to do is make sure those customers that have bought into KEE are
    as successful as possible.  If we can re-engineer things, come up with
    work around, bug fixes whatever I and my group are willing to do it.

	    In message entitled "CLOE and KEE" on Nov 20, you write:
	    > I am trying to help a friend with finding ways of delivering a large
	    > Symbolics/KEE-based application on non-Symbolics platforms, eg. Unix
	    > workstations or PCs.

    The unix boxes that KEE4.0 is currently released on are SUN4,
    HP300/400, HP700/800 and IBM RS6000.  We are looking into porting to
    the MIPS and 386/486 running Interactive Unix if customers begin
    asking for them.  The primary difference between KEE 3.1 (currently
    released on Symbolics machines) is that KEE 4.0 uses X windows and has
    added color to Common-Windows.  If your application works on the
    symbolics and uses Common-Windows then the port to KEE 4.0 is trivial.
    Now you are probably saying sure it is trivia, this guy works for IC
    and he'll say anything.  But it is true.  As an example, our Scheduler
    booster module (a module that will solve some scheduling problems) was
    ported from KEE 3.1 to KEE 4.0 in less than 3 days.
	    Well, IntelliCorp sells KEE runtime packages for both UNIX workstations
	    and some PC's.
	    The only problem is that Symbolics' version of KEE is a bit out of date,
	    and there are likely significant porting issues, which may require the purchase
	    of an EXPENSIVE development license from IntelliCorp as well. 

    There is also the option of transfering your development license from
    the symbolics to the unix box.  This is a LOT cheaper than buying
    another development license.  Another option for deliver is
    ConfigurableKEE.  This allows you to deliver KEE applications for
    fewer dollars and only put those subsystems that you use into the
    image.  For instance, if you don't use rules then ConfigurableKEE
    allows you to build a KEE application without the rule system.  A
    savings of several megs.

	    However, I have	heard rumors from Symbolics that they will
	    support the latest IntelliCorp version of KEE. Rumors only,
	    mind you, but if this were true then you should have truly
	    compatible versions of KEE, and delivery on Suns or PCs should
	    be relatively easy using IntelliCorp's packages. 

    They are using the same code we use at IC to do this port.  The
    problem is that the engineer that ported KEE 3.1 to Genera 8.1 is no
    longer at Symbolics.  I am the contact for symbolics and don't have
    any more knowledge about the porting activity except they are looking
    into it and apparently have an engineer assigned to port KEE 4.0 to
    Genera 8.1.

This is correct-- we currently have an engineer assigned to this task.

    If you can tell me more about the application that needs to be
    delivered I but we can work things out. Send me E-mail at
    Tait@Intellicorp.com or call me at (415) 965-5722.

    Good luck with things, and happy thanksgiving.

    Mark Tait
    Software Project Leader - KEE