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Yikes ... FEP problem on an unsupported machine ...

The 3600 I've been buiding my 8.1.1 world on is sick suddenly.

Whenever I try to do any operation involving the newest boot.boot
file in the FEP, I get a "header not FEPF" error message, indicating
its looking for a FEP file system header, and finds garbage there.
The operation can be either specific to this file, or just :Show
Directory fep0:>*.*.*.  

I'm at a loss as to how to fix this - si:fix-fep-file runs into the
same error when I point it at fep0:>boot.boot.newest. Therefore, I
assume there's some sort of fep file system directory which is what is
corrupt, but I've no clue as to how to specify its pathname (seems
like in really old versions of the file system editor (Rel 5?) this "file"
showed up at the top, and if you opened it it contents were the fep
directory listing).

Any guesses about what to do? Thanks in advance,