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ELU (european lisp users)

I recently had some interesting discussions with Symbolics Germany SystemHaus 
about lisp use in Europ, Europal stuff, european user groups, european 

I have heard here and there about various activities.

What I'd like to do is try and gather all this information in one central point 
and forward it to anyone who is interested (possibly establishing a european 
lisp users mailing list, if there isn't any yet).

Warning: I do not want to create a closed group by rejecting other people (from 
the US or Japan, for example).  For instance, this has nothing to do, a priori, 
with the EuroLisp dialect.  The intention is not to create an alternate 
community (against others), but to help develop more the european lisp community 
by having more local activities (meetings,...).  I think quite a few european 
lisp users don't have the resources to go to the US for those LUV meetings, 

This is not by any way linked to one vendor.  First, Symbolics Germany, who has 
agreed to help me in this, now sells Franz and Lucid products in addition to 
Symbolics products.  Moreover, I would urge other vendors to participate in 
this; all are welcome.

Here are the things to do:
1) if there have already been other attemps in this direction (I'm thinking 
about Europal), I'd like to know about them.  There is no use in reinventing the 
wheel.  What were the problems encountered, what were the successes, what does 
really exist?
2) if you know of any resources related to european lisp users (mailing lists, 
code servers, user groups - even vendor based,...) please send me email 
describing it.
3) if you are interested in this subject, send me your email address and, 
possibly, the addresses of everyone you know that might be interested.

The aim of this first message is to collect information.  Please send everything 
to keunen@nrb.be.

Thank you for your help, and sorry to use up the bandwidth of some mailing lists 
that might not have been appropriate for this mailing (where were I supposed to 
send this to contact all lisp users?).

Vincent Keunen

PS: this message has been sent to (what did I forget?):
slug@ai.sri.com, info-mcl@cambridge.apple.com, 
commonloops-request@cis.ohio-state.edu, clim@bbn.com, clim-support@lucid.com. 
(Unfortunately, I don't have access to the news system.  Could someone forward 
the message to the appropriate places? Thanks)