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Icons for Clim-Windows

>I'm using clim1.0 on an ivory-board.
>The ivory-board is in a Sun Sparc using X11R5 and the mwm.
>I open my application with
>       (make-application-frame
>	    'application
>	    :parent
>	    (open-root-window :clx :host host)
>	    :width *initial-width*
>	    :height *initial-height*)))
>Now I want to know which is the name of the window exposed on the X-display,
>so that you could use special icons. 
> ...
> Mwm*<application-name>*iconImage:      <icon-path>
> )

the f.identify operation under twm would do.

However, you seem to be using mwm (which does not seem to have such operation),
in this case xwininfo and xprop will give you everything you ever wanted to
know about your window. (see their respective man pages)