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Plexi Status

While I'm not on the SLUG mailing list, I've been told (thanks Fred,
Bill) that there have been some questions about Plexi and it's
availability.  I developed Plexi and licensed it to Symbolics in a
distribution agreement which ended roughly two years ago.  Since that
time there has been some discussion of renewing our agreement, but no
one at SMBX seems to have had enough time to make it happen.

In any case, I'd like to make Plexi available to people who are
interested in using it.  I haven't really thought much about how this
might work, but I'm willing to entertain suggestions.  Plexi never
really made it onto Genera 8.0, so some porting would have to be done.

[caution: shameless self-promotion follows]
Plexi received some press coverage recently in an article in EE Times
[Feb. 3, #678] entitled "Intel 'locates' neural breakthrough":

	"The company is using the neural network in-house to monitor
	and report on failure modes at four of its wafer-fabrication

For the time being, it would probably be best to mail replies to me
directly, but I'll also get myself on the mailing list (how do I do


Dan Rosenfeld