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Looking for information and contacts on Symbolics.


I am looking for information on Symbolics to help me write a 
paper for my strategy class ( this is the old buckman@lockheed.com 
now hanging out at B. school in Philadelphia.)

I will survey the industry over the past 5 years, and look at 
Symbolics strategy over that time, as well as what they are doing
now, and are planning to do interms of items like target market,
product positioning, and strategic moves etc.  I remember press releases and
announcements from Symbolics marketing, does anyone have their e-mail, or
phone number and contact???

If any one has ideas on whom I could contact
or write to, I would most appreciate it.  Also, I don't have access
to my old slug archives, so could someone tell me how to get at the slug 
archives, I could try to retrieve some of those old press releases.

I hope all is well out there, I've been out of touch, and only recently
got this internet connection.


eric buckman (buckman10@wharton.upenn.edu)