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netting xl1200(8.0.2) to 3650(7.2)

    Date: Tue, 25 Feb 1992 08:44 PST
    From: Scott_Busse%mindlink.bc.ca@Warbucks.AI.SRI.COM (Scott Busse)

    The scene so far:
    The xl1200 is running 8.0.2 and the '50 is back at 7.2.
      The 1200 has no problem accessing the '50, either
    during file copies or when loading objects or images
    from s-products on the 1200.
      Whenever I try to do the same on the '50 (eg. try
    to load an object residing on the 1200 into s-geometry
    on the '50, a login request happens that I can't get
    past (error indicates can't access the requested
    directory-could be ACL but :access-permissive t should
    over-ride that shouldn't it?)
    - "enable services all" was issued
    - I tried configuring a file server, setting up
      passwords etc. (fs:initialize-secure-server :access-
      permissive t :login required nil) is how I started
      it up, but that didn't help. I noticed that remote
      initialize: remote login enabled showed as nil, but
      it says the same on the '50 and there was not probs
      accessing it. How do I set remote login as a
      "permitted service"? Do I need to have a configured
      file server set up? (I erased the file-server
      directories on both machines when that didn't help
      the problem...) At this time, the two units are
      %100 friendly, and no security measures are required.
    - Mike Western mentioned that there was some flag on
      the 1200 that was backwards (relatively...), but
      he wasn't sure exactly what it was.
      What I need is to set up these two machines so they
    have free access to each other for file transfers via
    NFILE or TCP (or any other way) without any hindrance
    from passwords etc. There seems to be complicatios
    perhaps due to the difference of versions (8.0.2 vs.
    7.2).  Any suggestions?   Thanks!
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It sounds to be like you don't want to restrict access, in which case 
initializing the secure server is the last thing you want to do.

It seems more likely to me that you have some problem in your namespace.  
If the 50's object, for instance, has the triple FILE TCP TCP-FTP but not 
FILE TCP NFILE, then file access will be attempted using the FTP protocol, 
which requires login.  If this is the case, delete that tuple and add NFILE.
(You can determine how the connection is being attempted by selecting Peek 
and clicking on File.)

What Mike alluded to is the most likely culprit of all:  the default status 
of Internet hosts changed from trusted to not trusted with Genera 7 ECO #2.  
You should make sure that the Site namespace object has 
Secure Subnets: INTERNET 
(substitute in the first two fields from your own Internet address).