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The Terminal Program - File Server Init File - Thank

Thank you again for the replies.

Filer Server Init File:

My misconception was that the File Server is started automatically when
(some) services are enabled as is the case with the Store-and-Forward
Mailer. Logging in as user File-Server might be useful when there is a
Symbolics that serves as a File Server only. Since I configured our
site to use UNIX machines as servers together with NFS, this is not
relevant for me. Thus, one solution is to write appropriate forms
to start the File Server into my init file and enable (network) services
after logging in.

The Telnet Program:

I never experienced any problems with Emacs and the X-Server as Phil has
reported. However, using the X-Server is really no Fahrvergn"ugen on a
3640 :-). So I resorted to the Terminal Program (with meta now working).