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NFS network/Symbolics to Mac Quadra...

    Date: Fri, 21 Feb 1992 16:11 MST
    From: rich@optimus.dialnet.symbolics.com


[ . . . ]

     Does anybody have a clue about this? I would appreciate any help or
    light that could be shed on the subject, or any contact that could give
    us some definitive answers on the Symbolics side!
We've had similar problems here with other Macs (IIci, IIsi).  Also, we
are using Cayman System's GatorBox/GatorShare NFS software.  Every time
we try mounting, it fails with the wrong userid/password.  

What is the right way to set up a Symbolics as an NFS NIS (yellow pages)
server, or to have it disable userid/password checking.

Marcos Paz
Intel Corp.

    Rich Bobo
    Optimus Art'N Motion