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Copying software release tapes

WARNING: Possible dumb question

We have 36XX machines in two states (of the country that is) under one
software support contract. When we got the software release tapes for
Genera 8.1 and 8.1.1, one only got one set. We would like to make a
second set so some can be taken to the remote site while the other
remains safe at home.

How do we best go about copying the tapes? 

For the FEP-tapes, I can see reading the contents into a local
machine's FEP disk space and then writing that back out. That is a bit
tedious, particularly getting the files to be added for output just
right. And copying the system source file distribution tapes looks
even more tedious. 

Have I missed something simple in the mass of Symbolics documentation
that would simply allow me to duplicate the tapes? 

Thanks in advance,