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Server Machine: Yes

    Date: Thu, 27 Feb 1992 10:58 EST
    From: rm@ki2.informatik.uni-hamburg.de (Ralf Moeller)

    There was a discussion about the namespace attribute 'Server Machine:'
    some time ago. I prefer 'Server Machine: Yes' because the
    Store-and-Forward Mailer is running on my machine. I suppose, it is not
    advantageous to save an incremental world with the Mailer enabled (as is
    automatically the case when 'Server Machine: No' is set).

There's no harm.  Servers are shut down before the world is saved, and
they're restarted when it boots back up.

I never bothered with "Server Machine: Yes" on my file/namespae/mail
server.  Instead, it runs a special world, and I do whatever special
configuration is necessary before saving that world.