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TCP connections

    Date: Mon, 2 Mar 1992 13:34 CST
    From: klehr@sunspot.ece.clarkson.edu (Thomas J. Klehr)

    I find that running our Symbolics 3670 with Genera 8.0 for an
    extended period of time without warm-booting it causes a buildup of
    TCP connections; these are shown in Peek.  Is there a patch to get
    rid of old connections that are no longer in use?

    I could reset the network and re-enable it as part of the
    logout-initialization-list, but I'd rather have it as part of the
    connection system.

I have noticed that TCP connections to DYNIX (Sequent) hosts don't get
closed properly:  They hang around in CLOSE-WAIT forever.  This is a bad
thing because each connection hangs on to a packet buffer, the supply of
which eventually runs out.  I have never seen the problem interopping
with any other TCP implementation.

--David Gadbois