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Slug-East heads south; Dialnet traffic moves to Riverside

The venerable SLUG Dialnet server at Symbolics,
Slug-East.SCRC.Symbolics.Com, has been decommissioned.  This should have
little effect on most of you, and the machine has not been up for
several weeks, but we want to make it official.  All Dialnet users who
route their mail through Symbolics should now route it via

Some years ago, Slug-East was set up as a Dialnet server for the
exclusive use of members of the Slug community.  This was done to
prevent congestion on SCRC's main Dialnet server.  However, in recent
times, Dialnet traffic has fallen off quite a bit.  At the same time,
Riverside, the main Dialnet server, has become an XL1200, and can handle
a much greater load.

At SCRC we are in the process of a major modernization of our complement
of servers, which will reduce their number considerably.  So we were
planning to decommission Slug-East in a few weeks.

However, events have overtaken this plan.  There was a power failure
here about three weeks ago, and Slug-East suffered a fatal failure in
one of its disks.  It would be necessary to reconstitute quite a bit of
configuration of that machine, with a new disk in place, to restore it
to operation as a mail server.  So we have declared Slug-East dead.

As I noted, this should affect very few current Dialnet users.  Our
registries showed only two clients using Slug-East.  But please let us
know if this change causes any difficulties.


Douglas Dodds   (dodds@symbolics.com)
Symbolics, Inc.
Burlington, Mass.