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doc strings

    However, LOOKUP-MANUAL-INTERNAL expects to do its output to a Screen
    object, and it seems to be difficult to trap this output and filter out
    the pure ASCII documentation string.

If you have SYS:NSAGE;TOSCRIBE.LISP, you can see how the "Convert Topic
to Scribe" command works. It sounds like you want something similar,
sans markup. What you end up doing is implementing methods to extract
text from each of the Sage structures you might encounter in the
contents field of a record.
    But as long as I can get most of the on-line CL docstrings from my TI
    Explorer without any complications, I think I'll settle for that (sorry
    SLUG-friends: for some problem areas the Explorer is a lot easier to
    work with ;-)

I found this interesting some years back, namely, that TI added (or left
in) the documentation strings for nearly all of their functions.
Surprisingly, nothing obvious (at that time, anyway) in TI's operating
system made extensive use of the documentation.

John Krieger (s9274@srl1.lanl.gov)
Westinghouse Savannah River Company