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Hash-Tables and :test #'equalp


today I stumbled over a problem with hash tables and #'equalp as a
:test function.

(make-hash-table :test #'equalp)
1Error: Don't know what hash-function to use for test-function EQUALP

0The following specials have been rebound; use 2:Show Standard Value Warnings0 for details:

0   Rest arg: (:TEST #<Compiled function EQUALP 470035664>)
s-A, :    Return to FS Maintenance Lisp Listener in Fsmaint Interaction Pane 1
s-B:           FS Maintenance Top Level
s-C:           Restart process Fsmaint Frame 1

Since I want to use vectors as hash keys, #'equalp should be the right
:test predicate (according to CLtL2 this should work). However, SCL
(Genera 8.1) requires a :hash-function be specified when :test #'equalp
is supplied. Is there anybody who wrote such a function for SCL?
Thanks for any comments.