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"AI"/Robotics Job Posting

Hope this is not too great a violation of netiquette --

The Intelligent Systems Principles Department at Sandia National
Laboratories is seeking outstanding candidates for a research position
in automated task planning.  We are particularly interested in
candidates with strengths in search strategies, heuristics, and state
representation. We maintain extensive robotic and computing facilities
and emphasize actual (if not practical) implementation of research
results.  The Department has an on-going program in assembly planning
with existing strengths in geometric computations. The successful
candidate will work as a member of this team developing the "AI"
components of planner.  Because of the computational demands of this
class of problems, interest in developing a system for multi-processor
execution is a plus.

The Department serves as a reseach resource for the Intelligent Systems
and Robotics Center (ISRC). Members of the Department are expected to
interact with the systems departments which develop bleeding edge
intelligent systems for applications primarily within Department of
Energy programs.  There is an increasing emphasis on industrial
interactions; hence department members are encouraged to build ties to
US industries.  ISRC facilities include abundant computing support
(Unix, Lispm), numerous manipulators (including 5 Adepts, 3 Pumas, 4
GMF, 1 Cinncinati Millicron, 2 GCA Gantries, ...), full machine shop
facilities, electronics fabrications facilities, and so on. Staff
backgrounds include CS, EE, ME, mathematics, and physics. Interests
range from sensor design to mechanical design, control theory,
telerobotics, ... Other facilities available within Sandia include
massively parallel computers (including a 16K processor Connection
Machine and a 1024 node N-Cube), a full-service technical library,
complete prototype fabrication facilities, and extensive test

Staff positions include a highly competitive salary, moving expenses,
and a generous professional travel allowance.  The successful candidate
must be a U.S. citizen, must have earned a Ph.D. degree or the
equivalent, and should have a strong background in computer science or
a related discipline.  Applications from qualified candidates should be
addressed to David Strip, Division 1412, Sandia National Laboratories,
P.O. Box 5800, Albuquerque, NM 87185.  Applications should include a
resume, a statement of research goals, and the names of three
references.  Further inquiries can be made by calling (505)844-3962 or
by sending email to drstrip@cs.sandia.gov.  Resumes sent by email in
postscript, LaTeX, or (formatted) ASCII are acceptable. Sandia Laboratories
is an equal opportunity employer.