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Ivory III in Quadras?

   Date: Sat, 4 Apr 1992 15:48-0000
   From: p2@porter.asl.dialnet.symbolics.com (Peter Paine)

   Can I deduce that the Ivory can use the Quadra 700 built in ethernet?
   ie. you only need the Ivory board, no add in ethernet board.

Yes --- our MacIvory3's are on the ethernet thru the Quadras' on board
ethernet interface.

...However, note a couple Mac/Quadra limitations:

(1) The Quadra onboard ethernet interface requires an adapter
(probably a transeiver) from Apple which costs at least half as much
as an ethernet card, and we had to wait several weeks to get them
(thru our campus microcomputer center, but no retail outlets in the
area had them either; the shortage may be fixed by now).  (I don't
understand why Apple included only half an ethernet interface ---

(2) It appears Mac applications cannot share the ethernet port; i.e.
only one application can have access to the ethernet at a time.  So
while Genera has control of it, other Mac applications cannot use it,
and vice versa.  Symbolics provides mechanisms (in the Ivory pull down
menu) to tell Genera to relinquish control so a Mac application can
use the ethernet, so you can switch temporarily without shutting down
Genera; unfortunately, the apps I've used don't seem to leave it in a
state where Genera can switch back to using it again without
restarting the Mac side of the machine.  (Restarting the Mac leaves
Genera intact, but is inconvenient on the Mac side.)  Apparently a way
around this is to get an ethernet card as well, so Genera and your Mac
application aren't sharing the same port.

Someone please correct me if my understanding is incorrect.