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Moving a 3675

*** Transcript of SMTP traffic:

local_deliver(slug%, Chris_Floyd, 101a) 
Writing to '/usr/spool/mail/slug%'.
sending dns query (15) for mwunix.mitre.org 
sending dns query (1) for mwunix.mitre.org
do_smtp(101a, Chris_Floyd [, warbucks.ai.sri.com@mwunix], mwunix.mitre.org (019A
>>> 220 mwunix.mitre.org Sendmail 5.61/SMI-2.2 ready at Mon, 13 Apr 92 17:46:21 
>>> 250 mwunix.mitre.org Hello mwmgate1.mitre.org (mwmgate2.mitre.org), pleased 
>>> 250 <Chris_Floyd@mwmgate1.mitre.org>... Sender ok
Our Symbolics 3675 must be moved to another building from the spot where it 
has happily resided for several years.  I can locate no advice on 
preparations for movement in our standard documentation set (Volumes 0-10). 
Such advice from SLUGgers would be appreciated.

                                        Thanks in advance, 
                                        Chris Floyd