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GENERA size?

A manager in our organization wanted to know of some large
object-oriented applications that have been built.

I chimed in with Genera, Dynamic Windows, & CLIM, as examples of very
large object-oriented-based systems.  I also noted that the
object-orientedness is extremely pervasive in these systems.

Now, I've been asked to provide some "numbers" on how large they are.

So, can anyone provide any numbers for sizing Genera, Dynamic Windows
or CLIM?

Off the top of my head, numbers like lines-of-code (yes, I know the
drawbacks to using such a number; I've been following the debate on
comp.software-eng.), MB (MW) of source, MB (MW) of binary, would be
useful.  I'll take any numbers right now.

I will summarize to the net, so just send your replies to me at


Stephen L Nicoud  <stephen@boeing.com>  uw-beaver!bcsaic!stephen
Boeing Computer Services Research and Technology, Computer Science
Bellevue, Washington  USA
"I ask unanimous consent to revise and extend my remarks."