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Can a 3670 spool print jobs for Unix?

I suppose I could claim that the subject line says it all,
but usually when I read an article that claims that, it doesn't
(make sense of that if you will :-)

Anyway, I have a 3670 with an attached Laserwriter IInt.  So
far it has been acceptable when somebody wants to hardcopy something
to have them come in and use the Hardcopy File command on the 3670.
However, most of our work is now on the Unix system which is connected
to the 3670 via TCP/IP, and we have more and more users accessing
the Unix system via X windows, etc, and it would be convenient if
they could request print jobs from their terminals.  I know I could
kludge something together myself, but I know just enough about Unix
to guess that there must be a more elegant solution than the ones
that spring to my mind.

So to return to the question in the subject, is there any way to
instruct the Unix host on how to use the 3670 as a print spooler?
The 3670 in question is running Genera 7.2 right now, although I
guess I could upgrade to 8.0.1 without too much trouble if that
turns out to be necessary.

Thanks in advance,

John Reading

BTW:  I was going for an endurance record for the 3670 mentioned
in this post, but the recent earthquakes caused a power outage, and
so the session was interrupted after 16 weeks, 5 days - a record
for our site, but not even an honorable mention in the competition
I touched off a few months ago ;-)


"I recently learned that the human brain is like a computer.  If
 that is the case then truly there are no stupid people - only
 people who are using DOS!"