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Query: get source of RPC call?

    Date: Thu, 9 Jul 1992 13:17 EDT
    From: tallis@starbase.MITRE.ORG (Hans Tallis)

    I regularly, from SunOS, do an RPC call to a symbolics machine.  On the
    symbolics I'd like to get the name of the Sun machine doing the call.  I can't
    see how to do this in the documentation however.

    Any pointers (or code) appreciated.			--Hans

In the body of a Lisp RPC server, the variable RPC::XDR-AGENT is bound
to the transport agent.  The function RPC:REMOTE-HOST can be used to get
the client host.

There really should be options in RPC:DEFINE-REMOTE-ENTRY to allow the
programmer to specify a variable that should be bound to the transport
agent.  Lacking that, you're forced to depend on this internal feature
of the macro expansion.  Note that this is completely undocumented and
unsupported, so the variable name could change at any time (it wouldn't
be that hard to reimplement the macro in such a way that it uses gensyms
for this).