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Package problem, revisted

   Date: Tue, 18 August 1992 18:42:52 -0800
   From: Philip L. Stubblefield <phil@rpal.rockwell.com>

   >   From: robin@jarrett.den.mmc.com (Robin Kladke (303-977-9760))

   >   I am definitely on the right track now, but how do i
   >   avoid this error?  CLASS-PROTOTYPE is  apparently some
   >   subfunction to one of the CLOS functions I call; I don't
   >   call it out explicitly.  How do I tell the system that I
   >   always want the CLOS definition?

   If CLOS:CLASS-PROTOTYPE is the only symbol that you need, then the following is
   probably preferred:

Read the paragraph you're replying to.  He isn't mentioning CLASS-PROTOTYPE
at all.  It looks like a package environment consistency problem.
Specifically, it seems like the ALP-CLOS package is being created before
the DEFPACKAGE is being loaded.

Robin, does the file that contains the DEFPACKAGE for ALP-CLOS also have a
"Package: ALP-CLOS" in the -*- line?  This line is processed before
compiling or executing the code contained, so it could be creating the
package incorrectly.