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Fixing the disk when moving the machine

    Date: Thu, 15 Oct 1992 10:12 CDT
    From: Barry Margolin <barmar@Think.COM>

	Date: Thu, 15 Oct 1992 05:40 EDT
	From: jiang@lia.di.epfl.ch (Tao JIANG)

	Hi all,

	Does anyone know how to fix the disk when transporting the machine,
	so that the disk drive won't be destroyed?  We have all sorts of 
	machines: XL400, 3620, 3630, 3650 and 3670.

	Please answer as soon as possible.  Thank you.

    The only one that may need the disk head locked is the 3670.  The
    details of doing this depend on the type of disk drive.  If it has a
    Fujitsu 2351 (Eagle), open the back of the cabinet and look down on the
    disk drive.  In about the center you should see a lever with the labels
    LOCK and UNLOCK, and it should be pointing towards UNLOCK and screwed in
    place.  Loosen the screw (just a few turns, you don't have to remove it
    completely), move it to LOCK, and then screw it in place.


There are also two other locks on some Fujitsu drives (Owl and Hawk),
and one other on Eagles.  The lock you mentioned is a motor lock; in
addition to this on all the large (14") Fujitsus is a spindle lock,
located underneath the drive near the center of the platters.  It also
has a metal plate and a small phillips-head screw or two that must be
loosened and retightened.  On the Owl and Hawk models is also a head
lock, which is a white nylon lever underneath the drive on the left side
about two-thirds of the way toward the rear (as you look at the drive's
front panel).  This lever should be rotated approximately one-quarter
turn until it clicks into place.  I think all three locks (two on
Eagles) have positions labelled "lock" and "unlock."