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Using 8mm Tape attached to a Sun

Does anyone know if it is possible for an XL1200 to use an 8mm tape
drive which is attached to a Sun4/670MP?
(Note: this is one of the 5GB tape drives.)

If so, what are the parameters?

I tried to do a backup with the following parameters:
	Dump Type: Incremental  Consolidated  1Complete
0	Pathnames: RIGEL:>**>*.*.*
	Tape Reel ID: tst8mm
	Tape Drive Spec: CVSCRA01: st2, reel=tst8mm, den=54000, reclen=4096, granularity=4, minrec=128
	Dump deleted files: Yes  1No
0	Append to tape: Yes  1No
0	Tape when done: 1Offline0  Rewind  Leave  Query
	Person operating: CLanning
	Set date dumped: 1Yes0  No
	Restart pathname: 1None0  2the pathname of a file
0	Comment: test
	Tape format: 1Default0  7.2

CVSCRA01 is a Sun4/670MP running SunOS 4.1.2

The Sun reports back
	RMT error 16: Device Busy

Craig Lanning <CLanning@trc.scra.org>
Grumman Data Systems
North Charleston, SC