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Re: Zippicalc

What a blast from the past...

I was the primary author of ZippiCalc.  As of 1985, when I left
Symbolics, it was an internal tool of Symbolics.  As far as I know, it
still is, but I've definitely fallen out of touch over the past seven

I assume that some current Symbolics person will answer your message.
If not, contact me privately, and I can name some people there who will
probably know who to ask to determine the program's current status.

I'm fascinated, actually, that ZippiCalc still runs and is still usable.
Though a rather nice program for 1982, in most ways it's primitive
compared to today's spreadsheets.

Have you been using any of the hairier features of ZippiCalc (named
ranges, Lisp extensions, etc.) or do you just use it as a visicalc
clone?  I'm actually kindof proud of some of the named-range stuff; it
foreshadowed features that did not appear in pc spreadsheets until
years later.