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Compression programs?

	Are there any compression programs the likes of Arc, PkZip,
	Zoo or LHArc that run on Symbolics machines, that are
	compatible with such programs on other platforms? Thanks for
	any info!   

I have been using the :Compress Files command and successfully sending
data (via dialnet) to UNIX hosts. It seems to work fine for me. 
It's documented... i read about it in the Doc examiner....

(I had to hack up a UU Encode and UU Decode command to send via mail - I
would be pleased to send you the LISP code for UU Encode and UU Decode
if you wish).

Martin Mallinson                                martin@cmt.dialnet.symbolics.com

Crimble Micro Test Inc.                              
5 Tomahawk Drive                                Phone: 508 667 9405
Billerica MA 01821                              Fax:   508 667 0192