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Send file problems...

    Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1993 20:19 PST
    From: sobeck@riverside.scrc.symbolics.com

	Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1993 16:54 PST
	From: Scott_Busse@mindlink.bc.ca (Scott Busse)
	[...] I want to compose my outgoing messages offline
	and then blast them into the bbs [...]

    You just want to yank the kill ring into the remote stream, 
    right?  Try "Yank Top of Kill Ring" from the Marking and Yanking 
    menu you get with a control-right click.  Mark regions by 
    holding down the control key while dragging the left button.
    These operations work on Lisp Listeners, too.

Or <Network> Control-Y, which I use all the time, albeit to another Symbolics
across a local network.  But I've noticed that this doesn't always send all
the characters.  Sometimes it sends only part of them on the first try, and
when I <Clear Input> and try again, it sends them all.  I'm pretty sure that
this means that if the remote machine doesn't read the characters as fast as
they're sent, the buffer fills up and any more are lost; when the other end is
a Symbolics, the machine is slow to swap in the appropriate code, but by the
second try it's "primed" and can keep up.

I'm not sure whether this problem would be worse or better when the connection
is through a phone line, which transmits the characters more slowly than a