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How to map unit/cyl/head/sect to FEP-File? (continued)

   Date: Wed, 31 Mar 1993 12:50 -0500
   From: Barry Margolin <barmar@think.com>

   I can name that tune in 1 line:

   (si:get-file-containing (si:dpn-from-address unit cyl head sect))


   Date: Wed, 31 Mar 93 11:51:10 CST
   From: gadbois@mcc.com (David Gadbois)

   The functions are SI:DPN-FROM-ADDRESS, which gives you the DPN from
   the unit, cylinder, head, and sector numbers (remember that the FEP
   gives these to you in octal!) and SI:GET-FILE-CONTAINING, which gives
   you the file containing a DPN.  If the error is in a LMFS partition,
   be very careful not to splice out the bad block, lest complete mayhem

   --David Gadbois

Thanks for the hint! And here are the three lines of code that
I had in mind (but were partially garbage colleced by time :-)

    (car (si:get-file-containing
	   (si:dpn-from-address #o<unit> #o<cyl> #o<head> #o<sect>))))

Ok, now I know that there is a problem in my Genera 8.1 world load
file. I.e. the last two full GCs resulted in an irrecoverable disk
search error at exactly the same address.

But unfortunately si:fix-fep-file doesn't find any bad blocks in this
file! And I ran it more than once (even between above GCs because
at this time I mapped si:fix-fep-file over all active FEP files).

My next question is (more or less) straight forward:
How can I replace a certain block with a copy of it without having
si:fix-fep-file to find it?

Or is there another workaround/fix?

Again thanks in advance,
 Toni Beschta

... trying to keep a 3600 (serial# ???) alive ...