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historical trivia

   Date:	Tue, 27 Apr 1993 12:45:00 -0700
   From:	Stephen G.Rowley <sgr@zermatt.lcs.mit.edu>

       Date: Tue, 27 Apr 1993 14:47 EDT
       From: "William M. York" <york@parc.xerox.com>

       Didn't we actually buy that name from the same name consultants that
       came up with "Wheels", "Semanticue", "Frame-Up", "Firewall" and the

   There were numerous bad jokes about new names, e.g., 

   Zmail                       -> FlameThrower
   Tail-Recursion Optimizaiton -> SmartAss

I believe that we also came up with various names for Memorex (another
naming story in and of itself) before settling on Dynamic Windows,

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