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[selvin@TEXAS.nynexst.com: Courses in LISP and OOA - Recommendations?]

Date: Thu, 13 May 1993 11:10 EDT
From: Al Selvin <selvin@TEXAS.nynexst.com>
To: st.bboard@TEXAS.nynexst.com
Subject: Courses in LISP and OOA - Recommendations?
cc: selvin@TEXAS.nynexst.com

I'm shopping for good courses in LISP programming (and/or CLOS, CLIM,
etc.) and object-oriented analysis. The ideal course would be more
theory- and analysis-oriented than coding-oriented, and would not
presume too heavy a programming background. Courses in the NYC area
preferred. Anything from a 1-3 day workshop to a semester-long college
course OK.

Thanks for any recommendations.

Al Selvin 
Expert Systems