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Symbolics 3670

To ALL or Anyone at SLUG:
I recently purchased a SYMBOLICS 3670 Mini-Computer at a Government Auction
which runs LISP, and after getting it home discovered that apparently it didn't
come with a console.  The computer is useless without the console.  I was
wondering if anyone has a console but no Mini-computer?  If so, perhaps we
could discuss putting our two useless components together for a functional
If you have a console or know of one please contact me in any of the following
ways: Call (716) 671-6034,  Send E-MAIL to me through CompuServe at 72436,2556
or E-MAIL me at GENIE at XKY67755 or send some snail U.S. MAIL at 1486 Creek
Street, Rochester, NY  14625.  Sorry, but this is my first time using the
Internet and I don't have an Internet E-Mail Address so you'll have to contact
me by one of the other methods listed above.
Thanks for your time and interest.
                                  Rick Harrison