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how to access Symbolics CD-ROM from Unix host via NFS?

    Date: Tue, 22 Jun 1993 18:19 EDT
    From: Jeff Lankford <jpl@nrtc.nrtc.northrop.com>

    now i have a cd-rom on lisphost that i can access from any lisp
    machine (using NFILE or whatever), using for example:
	    show directory lisphost|cdrom1:>*

    how can i access the cd-rom from Unix, since variations on:
	    mount -t nfs lisphost:X /unix-dir
    don't work, where X has been:
    and all sorts of other likely combinations?

I don't think it can be done, at least not in Genera 8.1.  Looking at
the NFS Server system, I see NFS-LMFS.LISP and NFS-FEPFS.LISP, which
suggests that the NFS server needs special-case code to handle
particular file system types; it doesn't do all its work through the
generic file system interface.  I see no NFS-CDROMFS.LISP.

Also, despite the use of Flavors to implement the LMFS and FEPFS
interfaces, the "generic" part of the NFS Server has stuff like:

  (etypecase pathname
    (fs:lmfs-pathname *lmfs-fsid*)
    (fs:fep-pathname (send (send pathname :host) :unit)))

in a number of places.  So much for OO programming....