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PP'ing interpreted OBJECTs...

    Date: 19 Nov 85 23:47:19 EST (Tue)
    From: <ram%YALE-RING at YALE.ARPA>

    PP does something strange with OBJECTs, as illustrated by the
    following transcript.  Am I doing the right thing?  How do I get a
    non-compiled OBJECT to PP correctly?

    ** Error: operation not handled
    >> *** EOF *** 

This is definitely a T bug, and ought to be fixed.

Public service announcement:  Remember, T development is a labor of love
- I may be wrong about this, but I was under the impression that no one
was getting paid to do it.  Bugs like this are pretty easy track down
(in this case, some piece of code is failing to check that for false
before calling COMPILED-CODE-SOURCE, or something like that - use GREP
or BACKTRACE to find the places where it's called, etc.), and the T
sources are readily available, at Yale at least.  Any help from users on
actual bug fixes is appreciated, and leaves time for Jim & David &
Richard to do more interesting things (like making suspend work on

If I remember your particular situation, you probably want to be
handling the DISCLOSE operation anyhow, not PRINT or PRETTY-PRINT.