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Validity Test of the t-discussion mailing list

This is a test of the t-discussion mailing list. We at Yale University are
trying to keep mailing lists under our administration up to date.
We are therefore sending mail to each and every list in an effort 
to weed out bad addresses.

If you find that you are getting mail from a mailing list that you
do not wish to be on, please send  mail to " DB-CHANGES@YALE.ARPA "
requesting that you be removed.

Thank you for your patience.

Luis F. Ortiz
Deputy Postmaster General
Yale University

P.S.  The members and mailing list properties are as follows:

** Mailing list T-Discussion
Purpose:     Discussion of the shape of the T language and implementation
Maintainer:  postmaster@Yale
Recipients:  T-Discussion-Except-Yale@MIT-MC.Arpa, T-Discussion-Yale:
                 't_discussion@Yale-Ring, Adams-Norman, 
                 arpa.t-discussion-news@Yale-Cheops, Baldwin-Douglas, 
                 Ellis-John, Johnson-Lewis, Mcdermott-Drew, Mishkin-Nathaniel, 
                 Nix-Robert, Odonnell-John, Philbin-Jim, Riesbeck-Chris,