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[Paul Otto <otto@Cs.Ucl.AC.UK>: FTP'ing T]

    Date: Wed, 18 Nov 87 08:44:58 EST
    From: James F Philbin <philbin-jim at YALE.ARPA>
    To:   rees at YALE.ARPA
    Re:   [Paul Otto <otto@Cs.Ucl.AC.UK>: FTP'ing T]

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    Message-Id: <8711181324.AA04506@ELI.CS.YALE.EDU>
    To: Philbin-Jim@YALE.ARPA
    Subject: FTP'ing T
    Date: Wed, 18 Nov 87 09:21:49 +0000
    From: Paul Otto <otto@Cs.Ucl.AC.UK>

    I have been trying to FTP the latest T release from zurich.ai.mit.edu,
    and have not yet managed to transfer a single byte of any file.
    (I can successfully do a "dir" on small directories, but not in

    It has been suggested to me that this is probably due to zurich running
    an old version of TCP, which works poorly with the heavily-loaded net.

    Is T available on some other machine please?  Or can you suggest
    another route (other than mag tape!).

Try prep:/t/*.tar.Z, which are compressed tar files.  * is one of
sources, vax_unix, sun, or hp.  The only problem is that file names in
the sources tree are truncated to 14 characters.