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[kranz: T operations, etc]

Note to people without Internet FTP access: as far as I know, no tapes
will be made of T 3.1; you'll have to either beg or wait for T 3.2, which
is due in May, probably.

Date: Mon, 28 Mar 88 11:05:50 EST
From: kranz at wheaties.ai.mit.edu (David Kranz)
To:   mcvax!ukc!reading!onion!minster!SoftEng!martin at uunet.uu.net
cc:   mcvax!ukc!its63b!aiva!jeff at uunet.uu.net, t3-bugs at YALE.ARPA
Re:   T operations, etc

The operation stuff is indeed "unreleased".  There is a T3.1 which is not yet
officialy released but which you can get from anonymous ftp to
wheaties.ai.mit.edu in the pub/t3.1 directory.  Rebuilding and suspending
systems is documented in this version and there is a script for doing so.
In addition, it is possible to dynamically load C code and the interface is
fully documented.  

	-David Kranz