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Naive T question

	   I'm using T on an Apollo, and would like to be measuring
   the CPU time used by various function calls.  Anybody know of a 
   way to do this?   I imagine there's some way to do this using

I have found in the file unix_timer.t functions monitor and bench.
How I should call them?  They don't seem to be defined in any of the
environments mentioned in the release notes.

Also I would like to be able to call some T prosedures, bench and
others, from the Scheme environment.  How is that accomplished?

Thirdly, I have not found any documentation on how to rebuild the
system or an environment.  There is a lot of things missing in the
Scheme environment which I would like to add but don't know how to
make a new Scheme environment that includes them.

Juha Heinanen
Tampere Univ of Tech