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Re: load-foreign problem

hmm.... i havent recently tried load-foreign on a vax, but what the
error diagnostic means is as follows :

load-foreign has to find out where the "end of memory" is. then
it runs an "ld -A" command to have ld link the new object file and have
it relocated at the "end of memory" (i.e. the load point). next, the
relocated file's header is read to get size information. based on
that, the system is asked for more memory, but the point at which this
extra memory starts had better be the original load point. if it isnt, then
the relocation done by ld will be all bogus. so, just before attempting to
load the relocated file, load-foreign checks to see if the load point has
changed and aborts if it has.

under normal working, there is no reason for the loadpoint to shift.
do you get this message every time you try to load a .o file ?