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force and delay fix for multiple values

Here is a modified version of location.t that extends force and delay to
work with multiple values.  This is based on the 3.0 sources, so any changes
made for 3.1 will need to be included (I doubt there are any though).  I
only changed the function make-delay and made the global variable %unforced
local to the closure of make-delay.


*******<cut here>********<location.t>**********<cut here>********
(herald locative (env tsys))

;;; Copyright (c) 1985 Yale University
;;;     Authors: N Adams, R Kelsey, D Kranz, J Philbin, J Rees.
;;;              Modified by James J Hunt jjh@vlsi.ll.mit.edu 6/22/88
;;;              to work with multiple values.
;;; This material was developed by the T Project at the Yale University
;;; Computer Science Department.  Permission to copy this software, to
;;; redistribute it, and to use it for any purpose is granted, subject to
;;; the following restric- tions and understandings.
;;; 1. Any copy made of this software must include this copyright notice in
;;;    full. 
;;; 2. Users of this software agree to make their best efforts (a) to return
;;;    to the T Project at Yale any improvements or extensions that they make,
;;;    so that these may be included in future releases; and (b) to inform
;;;    the T Project of noteworthy uses of this software.
;;; 3. All materials developed as a consequence of the use of this software
;;;    shall duly acknowledge such use, in accordance with the usual standards
;;;    of acknowledging credit in academic research.
;;; 4. Yale has made no warrantee or representation that the operation of
;;;    this software will be error-free, and Yale is under no obligation to
;;;    provide any services, by way of maintenance, update, or otherwise.
;;; 5. In conjunction with products arising from the use of this material,
;;;    there shall be no use of the name of the Yale University nor of any
;;;    adaptation thereof in any advertising, promotional, or sales literature
;;;    without prior written consent from Yale in each case.

(define-settable-operation (contents loc))

(define set-contents (setter contents))

(define-operation (define-contents loc value))

(define-predicate locative?)

;;; Other locatives are made using the MAKE-LOCATIVE operation.

(define-operation (make-locative proc . args)
  (object nil
    ((contents self) (apply proc args))
    ((set-contents self val)
     (apply (setter proc) (append args (list val)))); choke!
    ((locative? self) t)
    ((print-type-string self) "Locative")))

;;; Delays

(define-predicate delay?)

(define-operation (force obj) obj)

(define make-delay
  (let ((%unforced (undefined-value 'unforced-delay)))
    (lambda (proc)
      (labels ((results %unforced)
		(receive new-results (proc)
		  (set results new-results)
		  (set get-value get-forced)
		  (apply return results)))
		(apply return results))
	       (get-value nil))
	(set get-value get-delayed)
	(object (lambda () (get-value))
	  ((force self) (get-value))
	  ((delay? self) t)
	  ((print-type-string self)
	   (if (eq? results %unforced) "Delayed" "Forced")))))))