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T without 68881?

   Date: Fri, 24 Jun 88 15:42:49 CDT
   From: mark@mcc.com (Mark Scheevel)
   Posted-Date: Fri, 24 Jun 88 15:42:49 CDT

   We cannot get T to run on our Sun 3/50 machines because they do not
   have 68881 co-processors.  I tried the simple-minded approach of
   recompiling tsystem/float.c with the -fsoft option and then re-linking
   (i.e., system-suspend of the existing system followed by linkt with
   the new float.o), but that didn't do the trick.  Do I have to rebuild
   the entire system (shudder!) just to get a version with soft
   floating-point?  Or is there some simpler way?


I don't know why this would not work.  How did it fail?  In any event, it 
should not be a big deal to rebuild the system using the sunbuild.t script.
I assume you have t3.1?