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T without 68881?

> I've built a T for sun2's, which don't have 68881's.  Here is the part of my
> make file for linking both types.
>   [scripts deleted]
> Notice that the sun2 stuff does not include /lib/Mcrt1.o.  I suspect that
> you are linking this in and it is causing the OS to think that an MC68881 is
> required (I beleive this initializes the MC68881).  Hope this helps.

Yup, that did the trick.  In fact, I went back and tried the simple
solution again:  just launching T, executing

  ((*value t-implementation-env 'system-suspend) 'new nil)

and then relinking sans /lib/Mcrt1.o (and with the soft float.o), and
that produces a system that runs fine on the 3/50, so it isn't
necessary to rebuild from the ground up.

Thanks to Jim and David for all the help,