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Object mathod inheritance

   From: Bruce Krulwich <krulwich-bruce@yale.arpa>
   Date: Fri, 8 Jul 88 16:45:18 EDT

   In old versions of T is was possible to specify in an object's method list
   another object (or rather, a handler) to default to for calls to methods not
   defined for the object.  For example,

	   (object nil
	     ((print self port) (format port "zowie"))
	     (=> default-handler))

   would use DEFAULT-HANDLER's method clauses for all methods other than PRINT.

   Does this functionality still exist??  JOIN will accomplish a similar thing,
   but (1) I would prefer to do it at object definition time, and (2) I want to
   do this will structures, which are not (yet) supported by JOIN.

   Bruce Krulwich

The (never released) syntax you refer to is not supported in T3.  As for the
example you give, nothing says that

	   (object nil
	     ((print self port) (format port "zowie"))
	     (=> default-handler))

won't be implemented as (or even macro-expand into)

	   (join (object nil ((print self port) (format port "zowie")))

so I'm not sure what you mean by 'do it at object definition time'.

Also, as far as I know join works on structures.  Please report a bug if it