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Customized T

   Date: 22 Jul 88 09:21:07 PDT (Fri)
   From: tims%tekadg.tek.com@relay.cs.net

     I am running T3.1 on a VAX/750 under Unix 4.3bsd.  I have written
   an application in (the Scheme subset of) T.  Now I would like to make
   a version of T that has my code loaded into it already, and that comes
   up and calls my top level.
     So far I have tried to imitate the load-and-suspend-system procedure,
   but my imitation was not good enough.  I'd appreciate any comments or

As it says in the T3.1 release notes:

A system is suspended as follows:

% t -h 8000000 # as big as possible

> ;; load stuff
> (gc)
> ((*value t-implementation-env 'system-suspend) filespec nil)
> (exit)

If a GC occurs during the suspend it will hang.  This means that the heap
was not big enough.

In sys/tsystem.t there is a definition of STANDARD-TOP-LEVEL which eventually
gets called when a system starts up. You can redefine this in

Also, there was a bug in the Vax version on wheaties before June 17. It showed
itself as a random error that sometimes ocurred after a GC.  The fix is:

Change the source file v_dispatch.t so that the fifth
instruction in *operation-template* is pushl instead of pushal.  To patch
the executable:

adb -w xt
28a?w 8fdd